There are a million things to ask about your wedding day, so let me try to help answer some questions you may have for me. Just because I posted these doesn't mean I don't want to personally hear your questions! So if there's anything that's still unclear, or you need to personalize something, just send me a message. I will always be there for you. Even if you want to ask something non-photography related, I can try to help you out or at least point you in the right direction. So really, ask away!

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Frequently Asked questions

How do we book you?
• Check out my contact page, where you can send me an email via the contact form or find my email address and directly email me.

Do you shoot things other than weddings?
• Yes, click HERE to check out my other work!

Do you travel?
• Yes! Although, I try very hard to keep my environmental footprint as low as possible, so I travel by train or bus when I can. Ideally, I will travel pretty much anywhere within Europe or around BC/Alberta so I can take a trip home once in a while :) Anywhere outside of that I may suggest a more local photographer to avoid having to travel by plane. But perhaps our travel dates match up for some excellent timing?

Where are your next travel destinations?
• As soon as this whole COVID thing is over, I'm really hoping to go to South America, Indonesia, Mongolia, Japan, and anywhere outside of western Europe (crushing hard on Scandinavia). So if you're wanting to get married in any of those countries (/nearly anywhere in South America), let me know, I am likely willing to travel and make a trip out of it!

How can I pay you?
•It depends on where you are from, so please ask me personally

How does your pricing work?
•Everyone needs something a little different, so I offer various different packages. They are too long to fit onto my website, so please shoot me an email and I can send you my packages that way :) Travel costs are generally not included in my packages due to them being so different every time, so please ask me about your adventure and I will give you my best estimate. 

What are you doing to help the environment?
• Gosh this is always such a tough question; needs vs wants. I'll start by saying, if you want to view my commitments, click HERE! I try my best to do my part. I eat whole foods plant based most of the time (vegan 100% of the time). You can't deny the countless, reliable research on the effects animal products have on our planet. I compost properly and love using the compost for my home garden. I plant wildflowers for the bees. I don't own a car and take public transport, bike, or walk everywhere; this includes when travelling. I always avoid taking a plane when I can, even when it's 100x easier. I always reuse and reduce when possible, because recycling is kind of a sham. Facebook marketplace and thrift stores are my favourite places to shop. I try to buy in bulk with my refill containers to avoid plastic (yes, it's freaking expensive this way!), and always ask for my tea in my takeaway cup. I could really talk about this for hours, this is a prime subject for me, so if you just want to chat environment, hit me up!

When will I get my photos?
• Normally, 2-6 weeks depending on how big your shoot was and when you booked for (beginning or end of the season). Best to ask me for an estimate based on what/when you're booking.

Can I use my photos online or print them?
• Of course! They are yours to use however, whenever. I just ask that you keep them the way they are- adding extra instagram filters defeats the purpose of you hiring me! Also, when using them online, please credit me when possible <3

Do you offer prints and albums?
• YES I most certainly do, and highly recommend getting prints and albums done! They are so good to have on your coffee table, and to bring out on your anniversary. Bonus points if you gift an extra copy to mom. Going through photos that are physically in your hand feels so much more personal than looking at them on a screen. Where I print from depends on where you live so I can cut shipping costs for you and also so there is less of a footprint on the planet. So just ask me and I will see where I can get it done!

Can I rebook if the weather is bad?
• Possibly, yes. I am ready to shoot in all weather scenarios and sometimes moody weather can make for the best pictures! But I understand that not everyone wants to shoot in the rain, so if we see in the report that it's going to be wet, we can try to rebook. I will start checking the weather report a week ahead just so we can prepare for what's to come. Rebooking is not guaranteed, it depends on whether or not our schedules will align last minute. I will always try my best to make it work!

How should I prepare for my photos?
• This depends on which session you're after. But some common things to think about- do you want your nails done? Do you want a professional hair/makeup artist? Will you be needing a facial beforehand? Are you physically ready for whatever adventure you've booked with me? Do you have the right shoes, and will you need a pair of slip-ons or extra socks handy? Are you and your partner on the same page about what to wear and ready to put your game faces on?

What should I wear to my photo shoot?
• If you are solo- you've got a lot of creative control here. What I will say- try to avoid patterns, particularly small ones. Small patterns and lines can mess with the quality of the photo in bizarre ways. Solid colours are best, and ones that aren't too bright/fluorescent. Neutral, muted, and pastel tones/colours are great. Keep in mind any tan lines you may have, or anything you want to hide. If you've got someone joining you, as most people who book me will, make sure you're wearing complimenting colours, and better yet, have a colour pallet you are working with. Please do not fully match! 90% of the time, you look back on those photos and think "what did I do?!". There are times when it works, but just make sure this is one of those times if that's what you want. 

Do you use a second shooter?
• I have for many of my weddings, but normally I shoot solo. If you would like me to hire a second shooter, just ask! I have no problem with the extra company. It also is an extra guarantee that in some very extreme circumstance (such as, I get hit by lighting, or your uncle Joe stands in front of me at that very important moment) no shot is missed. 

Do you offer video?
• I personally do not, yet, but I know a lot of videographers around the world and have worked with them plenty of times. So just ask and I can find your perfect match!

Can I have the RAW files?
• No, very sorry. I don't give out RAW files just like a florist doesn't give you a bunch of separated flowers to make your own bouquet, or a dress maker doesn't give you thread, a needle, and fabric to make your own wedding dress.

Why does photography cost so much?
• You're paying for more than just the click of a shutter. You're paying for years of experience, schooling, professional camera gear, editing gear, programs/overpriced subscriptions, gear maintenance/cleaning/replacements, insurance, continued learning (online courses and educational retreats), upkeep on current trends, location scouting, advertising and social media, the countless hours spent on your shoot after you've gone home ... etcetera. You're paying the cost that it takes to help a photographer get by at a fairly comfortable level while working just as much as anyone else, because we've done the math, and we charge according to how we can pay our monthly bills and taxes at the end of the year. 

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