Heleen + Maxime

This was the first time I got the opportunity to shoot at the Gent city hall- what a treat! I had never even been inside before, I had only ever admired the beautiful building from the street. When Heleen and Maxime asked me to shoot their small civil ceremony last minute, I was really excited to finally get to explore the city hall a bit. Yes, it was very quick and over in a flash, and yes, the lighting is terrible for photos (as with most indoor venues), but I still find these well-kept European buildings so jaw-droppingly cool.
I didn't get much of an opportunity to really get to know the couple before the wedding, but when I arrived and finally got to meet them in person, I felt super relaxed and at ease and like I had made some new friends. They are very go-with-the-flow types and their smiles are super contagious, making my job that much easier. They told me they were not doing a ring exchange until they have their dream wedding and that they only wanted candid photos so everyone could just have fun and not be too disturbed by things they "have to" do. Of course there are always family members and friends who want to sneak a few posed photos in, but I think those photos will be appreciated in the end. 
Anyway, here are their photos, check them out below!