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Are you interested in going on a well-documented adventure with me? Then fill out the form with any questions you have or send me an email. I do my best to reply within 48 hours, although I could be out shooting a session or hiking in the mountains with no reception, so I do apologize for potential delays in my response. The best way to get in contact is definitely here or via direct email!

but do you shoot other things though?

Yes! Click HERE to see my other work and feast your eyes on my muti-photography talent.

travel dates

Home base- Belgium
May 2022-July 2022- Amalfi Coast, Tuscany, Dolomites, Swiss Alps
September 2022- Vancouver

Future You does NOT want to be disappointed, if they sense a bad decision they swear to go back in time and shove you in a time loop until you start making better life choices. So make sure you invest in a photographer that's right for you to avoid a scary encounter with Future You.

Keep scrolling to see a few examples of my packages. Note: they are all customizable and I have many more options where that came from! So email me for more details because I couldn't possibly post them all here.

A few things that are included in every package:

• ME! I will, of course, be there to cover your session with all of my professional gear
• Countless hours spent on culling, editing, album creation, and printing are covered; how many photos you get depends on your package and how long our shoot was
• Planning for destinations; I'm very well travelled, well hiked, and well road tripped. I've even lived in several countries. Hold my beer while I find you your dream spot.
• Travel within Belgium
• Customized timeline: because let's face it, every wedding is different and everyone wants to do their own thing (as they freaking should)
• Gear prep and packing list specific to whatever your adventure is (I’m a self-proclaimed expert on this with years of very legit experience)
• Transparency, guidance, and honest opinions, no surprises! Proof that I'm fully transparent is in the fact that I post FULL weddings. By that I mean a variety from everything that happened in the day (there are too many photos to post everything). Most photographers are not confident enough to do that, knowing that not every single photo is a winner. The ones taken indoors (churches, reception halls) can be rough due to poor lighting, but you need those memories, too, and I'm very confident I can capture them in the most professional way possible.

You can add prints, canvases, and albums to any package, and some even come included. I highly recommend getting physical copies of your photos, otherwise they may sit on your hard drive forever collecting digital dust. This is one of the biggest days of your life and you're about to invest in some professional photos to make you look your best, you gotta show that off to people! And besides, Grandma wants a copy on her fridge, doesn’t she?

Thank you! We will be in touch with you shortly!

Don't forget to make this day about you and your partner, just the two of you. This is the most special day of your life, and you deserve to spend it however you want to. And with who, or what, you want. Bring your dog (or cat?), that musical instrument you play, your first ceramic pot you ever made that no one has had the heart to tell you how freakishly ugly it is. It's art, ok?! 

The best part is that when everything is how you want it to be, it feels more natural! You'll feel at ease, relaxed, and ready to vibe together. Photos can be so awkward, but I'm here to help avoid that. If the two of you are loving your day, not feeling like you HAVE to do something or take a billion overly posed family photos, then you will 100% feel more relaxed during your session. Just be ready to bring some emotion and imagination to the table, like tossing your girl around, or whispering something naughty into his ear, or looking so deep into each others eyes, like you're a couple of crazed stalkers in an intense stare-off. So, yeah, time to bring out your inner crazy, all for the sake of photography!

I'm ready to make this day all about the two of you. This is your story; choose how you want it to be told. So choose to do something that sets your soul on freaking FIRE- and invite me along for the ride!

Thank you! We will be in touch with you shortly!

What's included:
• Up to 8 hours of blissful coverage while you rent some canoes, make hiking look easy, or shred some pow as I lug along an extra 10kg of camera gear, try to make it waterproof, and pray I don't drop anything in the process (I've gotten quite skilled at this)
• A 2 hour pre/post shoot to be used within one year of your session date (engagement, honeymoon, boudoir, vow renewal, for example)
• ALL travel fees within Europe (trains, planes, accommodation, food, "away from home" fee, etc)
• Online gallery for one year
• Planning, itinerary, location scouting
• Ask me about my multi-day Adventure packages!

adventure session

Starting at €4800

Thank you! We will be in touch with you shortly!

What's included:
• 2 hours of coverage for the ceremony with room for friend & family photos (if a few people attended), and a sunset solo sesh with the two of you!
• Travel within Belgium
• €2500 for 2 hour elopements outside of Belgium that include all travel fees (trains, planes, accommodation, food, "away from home" fee, etc)


Starting at €650

Thank you! We will be in touch with you shortly!

What's included:
• 6 hours of coverage for getting ready, the ceremony, family photos, bridal party photos, the reception, and a sunset solo sesh with the two of you!
• Travel within Belgium
• Online gallery for one year
• €4000 for weddings outside of Belgium for up to 14 hours of coverage, all travel included (
• I have various other wedding packages, please email me for more very customizable options


Starting at €1800

Thank you! We will be in touch with you shortly!

Let me give you a quick run through of how the booking process will go. It's important you feel comfortable in making the first step!

so what's the process?

step 1

You're feeling my vibes, liking what you see. You're ready to write me an email that will boost my ego through the roof, hit that send button, and then do a little dance to shake off the tension from making contact with a human you've never met before.

step 2

I'm free for your date (hopefully) or ready to plan a date with you! Freaking awesome! I've sent you my packages, we've had some back and forth about what works for you, and we've figured out how I can help make your day unforgettable. I'll then send you my contract, you read it over and sign it, and send me the retainer amount. Then we pop a bottle of champagne from wherever we are in the world and from whichever timezone (it's always 5 o' clock somewhere, right?!), and toast to another great life decision under your belt.

step 3

The in-depth planning begins! You ask me whatever questions you have, and if you don't already have a location, I help you find one. I start helping you with a timeline since it can make or break the photos (sunrise vs sunset vs when the ceremony will happen, etc). I will walk you through what you'll need for the day and what you should maybe leave behind, and we will have crazy brainstorm sessions to figure out an execution plan.

step 4

GAME FREAKING DAY. Everyone's stoked; you're chugging a morning mimosa, your partner is jamming on his guitar to a song he just wrote about all the feels, and your dog is so excited it's peeing on every carpet it sets foot on. I'm likely glued to my camera in la-la-land, stars in my eyes, loving every moment the two of you are creating. Maybe I've stepped in your dog's pee and haven't realized because I'm too excited to see these photos on the big screen. Or, maybe it's 9AM and we've already summited a mountain for sunrise. Everyone's day is different, but what stays consistent is we all have the time of our freaking lives. 

step 5

Party's over! Now the anticipation game begins. This is the toughest part, waiting to relive the best day of your life and seeing how ridiculously cool the two of you look in your wedding outfits. My turnover depends on your session and the time of year, so could take anywhere between 2-6 weeks. Once it's done, I will send you the online gallery and hopefully the album, prints, and canvas you ordered, although those can take a bit more time depending on the current demand of the print shops. You write me a raving review about how much you're gushing over the photos and what a pleasure I was to work with, and we spend the next few months tagging each other in all the socials. END SCENE.

Thank you! We will be in touch with you shortly!

Hey Beautiful! have a wonderful day <3

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