I will help you make your dream destination wedding into an epic reality

Have you thought about planning your wedding and then suddenly felt insanely overwhelmed, like where the heck do you even start?! If you feel pressured to have your wedding a certain way, stop. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Exhale slowly. Where do you see yourself while you’re tying the knot? Around you surrounded by the Swiss Alps? Maybe you smell the salty breeze coming off the ocean. Or hear the wind blowing through the majestic pine trees.

I will help you have you dream-come-true wedding, equip with lasting, smile-inducing memories, doing whatever it is that you want to do. THIS IS YOUR CHOICE; march down that isle, up that hill, or through that river to the beat of your own drum!

The Italian Dolomites, the French Riviera, the Greek islands...where do you want to go? Pack your bags, get your tickets, and don't forget an extra pair of socks. And get married however you want to!

Italian dolomites elopement photographer
French alps elopement photographer
swiss alps elopement photographer
austrian alps elopement photographer
german elopement photographer

a traditional wedding wasn't for you.

What is a modern day elopement/
small intimate wedding?

you're not alone

All about the 2 of you, instead of being focusing on trying to keep everyone else happy

Sharing your vows much more intimately between you and your partner, without the anxiety of having to do it in front of a big audience.

Either sharing the day just between the two of you or having anywhere from 2-30 guests

A full day adventure spent however you want (the sky is the limit!), instead of being stuck to chatting with your drunk uncle all night.

A stress free day without obligations, instead of nail-biting over whether or not the cake is going to arrive on time and if everyone is having fun.

The part where I come in

The long story short: I'M HERE FOR YOU. There's no better third wheel out there to ride along on your wedding day because I will be there to capture every moment of your eternal epicness.

It's true- I'm Canadian. But since I've moved here, I now know Europe like the back of my head. Location and activity ideas? I have them all.

I'm not here to guide your elopement or wedding through posed photos, I'm here to join you on your adventure and take pictures along the way

Your guide will be sent your way within the next 24-48 hours!

Planning made easy

Ready to grab your wedding by the bells and exercise your right to do things according to your wildest fantasies?

Imagine your best-day-ever with you and your partner, from the moment you get out of bed until the sun sets- that's where we will start.

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approximate travel dates

Home base- Italy
June 2023- South of France + Chamonix
July 2023- Italy (mostly the north)
August 2023- Norway
September 2023- Croatia + Italy
October 2023- Greece
November 2023- Vancouver

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