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Have you thought about planning your wedding and then suddenly felt insanely overwhelmed, like where the heck do you even start?! If you feel pressured to have your wedding a certain way, stop. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Exhale slowly. Where do you see yourself while you’re tying the knot? What’s behind you? What can you smell while you take another deep breath? 

Do you hear the wind blowing through towering trees, and does the invigorating scent of pine fill your lungs? Maybe you turn around and see tall, jagged peaks, glittered with snow. Perhaps you can see your reflection in a pristine, glacial lake, or you hear crashing waves and taste the salty, ocean breeze. You look down at your perfect wedding dress or suit, possibly some hiking shoes, and then up the love of your life standing before you. You smile.

I want to help you have that dream-come-true wedding, equip with lasting, smile-inducing memories, doing whatever it is that you want to do. THIS IS YOUR CHOICE; march down that isle, up that hill, or through that river to the beat of your own drum!

Whether it's in the Swiss Alps, the French Pyrenees, or in a small town in the Austrian mountains, go do it. Pack your bags, get your tickets, and don't forget an extra pair of socks. To make everyone else happy and feel like they didn't miss out, have a big reception when you get back home. But get married however you want to!

How the heck do you plan your dream wedding?

The long story short: I'M HERE FOR YOU. I GOTCHU. There's no better third wheel out there to bum along on your wedding day because I will be there to capture every moment of your eternal epicness.

If there’s any help you need with planning your elopement, wedding, adventure session, or whatever it is you’re having, hit me up. I’ve travelled a lot around Europe and done sessions all over, so I know my way around. Especially if you’re trying to book from outside Europe, it can be hard due to language barriers, inability to schedule phone calls with time zone differences, or just not knowing the area well enough. So any advice you need, location planning or otherwise, I've got your back!

One thing that separates me from other photographers is: I'm not here to guide your wedding through posed photos, I'm here to join you on your adventure and take pictures along the way. As in, don't look at me as hired help, look at me as the friend you asked to tag along for the day cause you know she badly needed to get her butt off the couch and show her skin some daylight.

If you need vendor suggestions, I can recommend some great people. Let me know what you need and I'll point you in the right direction!

Ready to say hello, ask a question or two, or need some advice? Head to my contact page and I'll do what I can to help you.

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