Intimate Multi-Day Dolomites Elopement at Lago di Braies


Terry & Jon


Terry and Jon wanted to do things differently.

Instead of a big, expensive, exhausting wedding, they decided to go on a micro adventure and get eloped instead. They wanted to create a meaningful memory that lasts forever

They stayed at a cozy cabin in the mountains for a couple of nights, where they wrote their vows by a crackling fire. They got up for sunrise the next day to read their vows to each other by the majestic Lago di Braies, where they went on a romantic boat ride. In the afternoon, they had a wedding cake picnic in the meadows between alpine cows. 

Mission "creating lasting, meaningful memories": succeeded.

Last updated: April 27, 2024

Jon, groom

"Our elopement in the Dolomites was a dream come true, and Shawna captured every moment with such skill and creativity."

What is an Elopement?

So, imagine this: you and your sweetheart decide you've had enough of waiting around for the perfect wedding day. You look at each other and go, "Hey, why don't we just skip all the drama and run off to get hitched?" That's an elopement! It's like pulling off a secret mission but with way more love and giggles.

Think about it: no stressing over seating charts or dealing with your Aunt Mildred's opinions on flower arrangements. Nope, it's just you two, saying "I do" wherever your hearts desire—whether that's on top of an epic mountain, at city hall, on a sun-drenched beach, or under a canopy of twinkling stars.

Elopements are all about spontaneity and adventure. You get to be the stars of your own little love story, without anyone else's rules or expectations. So grab your partner's hand, throw caution to the wind, and let the fun begin! Trust me, you'll end up with a tale to tell, like Terry & Jon's, that's as wild and wonderful as your love itself.

Why Elope in the Dolomites

Eloping at Lago di Braies was a no-brainer for Jon and Terry! First off, the setting was straight out of a fairy tale – I mean, have you seen those crystal-clear waters surrounded by majestic mountains? It's like nature's own romantic backdrop! Plus, having the whole boathouse and lake to themselves? Talk about privacy! And let's not forget the fun of exchanging vows in two languages (German & Italian), adding an extra layer of excitement to their special moment. It was the perfect blend of adventure, romance, and just a touch of whimsy – everything they wanted for their big day without any fuss or stress.

If you're curious to learn more, check out this Free Ultimate Guide on How To Elope in the Italian Dolomites.

Day 2: sunrise Boat Ride at Lago di Braies

On the first day, Jon. & Terry checked in into this cozy mountain cabin on top of a ski hill surrounded by rolling green meadows full of grazing cows. 

Jon brought his guitar out to sing his gorgeous wife Terry a love serenade by the crackling fire. It made her eyes sparkle with pure love.

This romantic movie-like scene got the couple in the mood to start writing their vows for each other. The tranquility of the moment perfectly matched the serene beauty of the Dolomites, setting the stage for some serious wedding magic.

Day 1: Vow Writing in a Cozy Cabin

Their sunrise shenanigans at Lago di Braies were an absolute riot. With the entire boathouse and lake as their playground, Jon and Terry exchanged their vows, their laughter echoing against the grandeur of the Dolomites.

Then, off they went on a whimsical picnic with wedding cake, their spread accompanied by a panoramic mountain view and the comical presence of grazing cows, providing a unique backdrop. Amidst fits of giggles and playful banter, they created memories that would have them laughing for years to come. And as the evening sun cast its warm glow, they cozied up by the fire, wrapped in each other's arms, still chuckling about the day's adventures.

"Where do I even begin? Shawna is an absolute gem! From the moment we met, her energy was infectious, and she made us feel so comfortable. Our elopement in the Dolomites was a dream come true, and Shawna captured every moment with such skill and creativity.

Looking at the photos now, I can't help but feel over the moon happy! Shawna's ability to perfectly encapsulate the fun, the giggles, and the sheer joy of our day is truly remarkable. Shawna, thank you for giving us memories that we'll cherish forever!"

Our highlight was definitely the boat ride at Lago di Braies. The sun rising over the most epic mountains, the tranquility of the lake, and just the two of us on this charming boat ride. Shawna not only captured the stunning scenery but also managed to freeze our most intimate moments of love as we rowed across the lake. It was pure magic!"

"Our highlight was definitely the boat ride at Lago di Braies. It was pure magic"

Testimonial by Terry - Bride

Videography by Walter Wenegger

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