Destination wedding + elopement photographer

  • I graduated from photography school in 2013
  • I find happiness when I’m surrounded by mountains, trees, and lakes
  • My favourite drink is green tea
  • My favourite food is plant-based sushi
  • I am vegan and try to eat whole foods plant-based because I am against animal cruelty, for the planet, and want to know I did my best to live a healthy life.
  • I'm a huge environment geek and try to lower my footprint whenever I can (#zerowaste #takethetrain).
  • Some of my favourite things to do are yoga, rock climbing, hiking, and camping in the wilderness with a cozy fire to curl up by
  • Though I don't shoot it often, I love shooting classy boudoir and steamy couples sessions

Some things about me:

A vegan photographer.

I identify as 
A loving wife.
As a grateful daughter.
A "working on it" sister.
A health addict.

A traveller and adventurer.
A Canadian.
An extroverted introvert.
As a human life, like anyone else who reads this.
And you?

Scene: Downtown Vancouver, in the corner of an Irish pub. A local girl is chatting with a Belgian guy in February 2015.

Her: "I'm going on a month long road trip down the 101 soon with my German friend. We'll hit Yosemite, all the canyons, Yellowstone, and make our way back through the Canadian Rockies. We're actually looking for people to join us to split costs."

Him: Somewhat sheepish "Wow, I was about to embark on the exact same adventure. Do you think I can maybe join? To help split the costs, of course..."

That's the long story short of how I ended up living in Europe.

My name is Shawna (she/her) and I am a European destination wedding and elopement photographer. I'm originally from Vancouver, Canada, and that is where my love for photography began.

Commitments, promises, and ownership

I'm looking for couples who are FEARLESS and ready to show their vulnerable side. Ones who are not afraid to let the wind blow through their hair and are ready to EMBRACE the mess. I need you to be an expert at looking deeply in your partner's eyes and letting your knees get a little weak.

Couples who wants to nuzzle their faces together while remembering the moment when one of you popped the question, and the other one answered HECK YEAH.

Show me some RAW AF kisses like you haven’t seen each other in months!

Let me join in on the most adventurous day of your life (the adventure of love is not to be taken lightly) and let's make people's jaws drop with your photos.

how we will be instant bffs.

I like to take responsibility for my actions, especially on game day.

I'll keep this as short as possible, because I could talk about this forever. It's impossible to deny that our planet's health is declining because of our actions, so I try to do my part by: walking/biking/public transport and taking trains/buses over flying, buying second hand, rewilding with what little space I have, refusing before reusing before recycling, composting properly, having a Tupperware fetish to avoid food waste that has allowed me leftovers for days, and switched to a vegan (mainly whole-foods-plant-based) diet. Read more on how you can make your day as eco-friendly as possible, even when you want to have a destination wedding. Or check out these tips on how to have a vegan wedding.

I am NON-JUDGEMENTAL- please don't be afraid if you're not vegan or vegetarian! I don't bite, I swear; my friends come from all walks of life.
I believe animals have rights too, and they should be treated the same as humans. I'm vegan for several reasons, but this is a huge part of it.

And why is empathy in the same section? Because I'm an extremely empathetic person (as you'll find out as the three of us are bawling our eyes out as you say your vows), and that's what brought me to veganism. I can imagine myself being in the situations those poor animals get put in, and it breaks my heart, it scares me that humans can let this happen. I won't go too far into detail, but if you want more information, again feel free to reach out.

I will never, EVER judge you for your eating or lifestyle habits, I just think it's great whatever positive changes you're thinking about making (or that you've already made) for the animals, the environment, and your own health. (PS- you know, vegan catering exists, and it's freaking AMAZE-BALLS).

I am accepting of everyone, no matter who they are and/or who they choose to be. This one is just so obvious to me- how could you not let someone be who they truly are? Why would you not? What threat is it to you if their skin is a different colour? Why should some people be denied the extra help they need to have equal access to society? It baffles my mind. So this is a safe space, please be you and rock your own socks off. My camera prefers authenticity anyway!

I am a vegan wedding and elopement photographer.

Animal Rights + Empathy

The environment

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Action

Our wedding in Canada


my husband, Harry