How to have a vegan wedding

For couples who follow a vegan lifestyle, having a vegan wedding is a great way to celebrate their commitment to each other while staying true to their beliefs. Planning a vegan wedding might seem daunting due to peer pressure and lack of availability, but with some careful consideration and planning, it can be a fun and delicious event. Here are some tips on how to have a vegan wedding.

This is more than just knowing what is and isn't vegan- it can be controversial

Choose a vegan-friendly venue: Look for a venue that offers a vegan menu or is willing to accommodate your vegan requests. You can also consider having your wedding at a vegan restaurant, farm-to-table restaurant or a venue with a sustainable food focus. If you're eloping or having wedding in Italy, I can already recommend some places to check out:
Paradiso Pure
La Vimea
I Pini
Casa Bella Vista
Agriturismo Polisena
Mia Mason

Plan a vegan menu: If your venue doesn't do catering, find a vegan caterer or work with whoever you've hired to create a delicious vegan menu that will appeal to all of your guests. Many caterers already have food that they make that is vegan, and they just don't know it!

Choose vegan-friendly (or fully vegan) vendors: Look for vendors such as your florist, photographer (me!), and hair and makeup artist who are either vegan themselves, or know how to use vegan products for your wedding. Make sure they are aware of your values and can accommodate your requests.

Choose cruelty-free decor and attire: Use cruelty-free materials such as vegan leather or faux fur instead of real animal products. Use recycled or sustainable materials for decorations and favours. Second hand dress and decor shopping can be fun, and you can also normally rent a lot of decor through your venue or your planner.

Consider donating to an animal sanctuary: Instead of traditional wedding favours, consider donating to an animal rights charity, sanctuary, or rescue farm on behalf of your guests. You could also look for something like re-wilding forests and grasslands for the bees. There can be some really worthy options out there if you look for them.

Don't worry about what others think: Ignore outside social pressures. When I told my dad I was having a fully vegan micro wedding, he said, "No, you have to have at LEAST steak and potatoes for everyone." First off, potatoes are very much vegan, thanks for that dad. Second, no I do not have to have steak! Not at all! So I hired Chickpea Catering in Vancouver, and you know what, everyone loved the food. It was super tasty, I got to impress my closest friends and family, and I got to stick to my values. And for the most part, people won't even judge you, it's in your head, so don't worry about it ;)

By following these tips, you can have a wonderful wedding that aligns with your beliefs and values. You can show people that it's not hard to be vegan and it can be just as, if not MORE delicious than animal-based foods! Remember to enjoy the day and leave a lasting memory for your guests that a whole wedding can be both vegan and delicious.

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