Why have a non-traditional wedding

Eloping, or opting for a small, private wedding ceremony instead of a traditional wedding, can be a meaningful choice for various reasons. Here are some potential advantages of eloping:

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1. Intimacy and Privacy: Eloping allows you to focus on the essence of your commitment without the distractions and pressures of a large wedding. You can exchange vows in a more intimate setting, sharing the moment with only a select few or even just the two of you. It creates a sense of privacy and allows for a deeper connection between you both.

2. Budget arrangements: Traditional weddings are very costly already, and sometimes you wonder where else that money could go. By eloping, you can use that money towards more rewarding experiences and most likely even spend a lot less money overall! Instead of paying for a huge, expensive venue, you could be putting that money towards a helicopter ride with a private chef and picnic area in the Italian Dolomites, or spending a night hiking through the Swiss Alps. Maybe you've decided you want to rent a sailboat and sail through the Greek islands. So many options! 

3. Flexibility and Simplicity: Planning a traditional wedding can be time-consuming and stressful. Eloping offers flexibility and simplicity in the planning process. You can choose a date that works for you, select a location that holds personal significance, and organize the ceremony at your convenience. It allows you to bypass the complexities of guest lists, seating arrangements, and coordinating many vendors.

4. Focus on each other: Eloping enables you to prioritize your relationship and the commitment you are making to each other. By eliminating the external pressures and expectations that often accompany traditional weddings, you can concentrate on the significance of the moment and the love you share. It's an opportunity to create an experience that truly reflects your values and desires as a couple.

5. Adventurous and Unique Experience: Eloping can be an adventure in itself. You have the freedom to choose a breathtaking destination or an unconventional location that resonates with your personalities. It can be a memorable and unique experience that sets your wedding apart, allowing you to create lasting memories while starting your journey as a married couple.

It's important to note that the decision to elope or have a traditional wedding ultimately depends on your personal preferences, values, and circumstances. Consider discussing your desires as a couple, communicating with loved ones, and evaluating what will make your special day most meaningful for you both. And remember, you can always come home and celebrate with a backyard dinner with everyone who didn't get to join you on your special day; there's always alternative ways to celebrate with everyone else that come with a lot less planning and stress!

A very prepared couple eloping in the Austrian Alps (around Innsbruck)

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