Top 5 venues to get married or eloped at in Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como in Italy is renowned for its stunning scenery and luxurious atmosphere, making it a captivating destination for an elopement. Here are five venues to consider for your intimate celebration:

One of my personal favourite places for weddings and elopements!

1. Villa del Balbianello: This iconic villa is situated on a promontory overlooking Lake Como. Its stunning terraced gardens, picturesque walkways, and panoramic views create a romantic and unforgettable setting for an elopement.

2. Villa Carlotta: Located in the charming town of Tremezzo, Villa Carlotta is renowned for its botanical gardens and neoclassical architecture. Exchange vows in the garden adorned with vibrant flowers and take advantage of the villa's majestic backdrop for your ceremony.

3. Villa d'Este: As one of the most luxurious hotels on Lake Como, Villa d'Este offers a perfect blend of elegance and romance. The hotel's manicured gardens, stunning lake views, and historic charm provide a refined setting for an intimate elopement.

4. Villa Serbelloni: Nestled in the picturesque village of Bellagio, Villa Serbelloni boasts beautiful gardens and stunning vistas of the lake. This historic villa offers a romantic and serene atmosphere for a private elopement ceremony.

5. Villa Pizzo: Situated in the charming town of Cernobbio, Villa Pizzo is a magnificent lakeside villa surrounded by lush gardens and centuries-old trees. The villa's elegant architecture and breathtaking lake views provide a romantic backdrop for an intimate wedding.

Each of these venues offers its unique charm and ambiance, allowing you to create a memorable elopement experience amidst the beauty of Lake Como. Be sure to inquire about availability, services, and any specific requirements for your chosen venue to ensure a seamless celebration.

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Lake Como, Italy

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