How to plan your helicopter elopement (in Europe)

Planning a helicopter elopement in the European mountains can add a touch of adventure and provide breathtaking views of the stunning landscapes. Here's a general guide on how to plan a helicopter elopement in the mountainous regions.

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1. Choose the Location: Select the specific mountainous region where you want to have your helicopter elopement, such as the Swiss Alps, Italian Dolomites, French Alps, Austrian Alps, or Bavarian Alps. Research and identify scenic spots or landmarks within the region that would make for a stunning backdrop for your ceremony.

2. Find Helicopter Service Providers: Look for reputable helicopter service providers in the chosen region. Research and compare their offerings, safety records, and customer reviews. Check if they specialize in scenic flights, aerial photography, or customized elopement packages. I've written some recommendations below.

3. Determine the Flight Route: Discuss your vision with the helicopter service provider and work with them to determine the ideal flight route. Consider locations with breathtaking vistas, mountain peaks, glaciers, or remote areas that can be accessed by helicopter. Ensure that the route aligns with your desired ceremony location.

4. Check Permits and Regulations: Determine if any permits or authorizations are required for your helicopter elopement in the chosen region. Helicopter flights may have certain restrictions, so consult with the service provider and local authorities to ensure compliance with regulations.

5. Plan the Ceremony Location: Identify a suitable spot for your ceremony within the flight route. It could be a mountain peak, a secluded meadow, a lakeside setting, or any other picturesque location that can be accessed by helicopter. Coordinate with the helicopter service provider to ensure a safe and convenient landing spot.

6. Secure Professional Services: Arrange for a professional photographer and, if desired, a videographer to capture your helicopter elopement. They can ensure that the magical moments and stunning aerial views are beautifully documented. A planner is also super useful to help you book all your activities, accommodations, and the helicopter tours themselves.

7. Arrange Logistics and Accommodation: Coordinate the logistics, including transportation to and from the helicopter base, and consider accommodations near your elopement location. It's essential to have a backup plan in case of inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

8. Customize Your Ceremony: Personalize your ceremony to reflect your love story and preferences. Write your vows, choose meaningful readings or rituals, and bring any special items or decorations to make the helicopter elopement unique and memorable.

Remember to consider factors like weather conditions, seasonality, and the expertise of the helicopter service provider when planning your elopement. Engaging the services of a wedding planner can also be helpful in navigating the logistics and ensuring a seamless experience.

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But who do we hire?

If you hire a wedding or elopement planner, they can help! But here are some companies I can recommend to you in different regions:

Helicotper tour in the Italian Dolomites: Elikos
Helicoptor tour in the Austrain Alps: Sennair
Helicoptor tour in the Swiss Alps: Swiss Helicotper
Helicoptor tour in the French Alps: Chamonix-Mont Blanc Helico
Helicoptor tour in the German Alps: Helicopter Flights

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