Intimate Micro Wedding in Positano along the Amalfi Coast


Taylor & Oscar

Positano, Amalfi coast, Italy intimate micro wedding

Love, Limoncello, and a View to Remember.

In the land where the lemon trees outnumber the people and the sea sings its own serenade, Taylor and Oscar decided to tie the knot in the most Taylor-and-Oscar way possible – with a micro wedding that packed a punch, set against the breathtaking backdrop of Positano's coastal cliffs.

Picture this: Taylor, a sweeter-than-Maple-Syrup Canadian, and Oscar, a Dutch laid-back charmer with a knack for making people laugh, standing hand in hand amidst the lemon groves, ready to take on the world together.

Published on May 13, 2024

Taylor, Bride

"From the very beginning she was so warm, kind, accommodating and professional. What started as Shawna being our photographer turned into her being a good friend."

What is a Micro Wedding?

Alright, buckle up, because we're about to break down the phenomenon known as the micro wedding. Imagine you're planning your big day, but instead of inviting everyone from your mom's hairdresser to your second cousin twice removed, you decide to keep it exclusive.

A micro wedding is like the haute couture of matrimonial celebrations – it's all about quality over quantity! We're talking about an intimate affair where only the MVPs (Most Valuable Peeps) make the cut. Forget the circus act of coordinating a guest list longer than the Amazon River – with a micro wedding, it's all about keeping it tight, keeping it right, and keeping the drama at bay.

Think of it as the love child of a traditional wedding and a kick-back soirée with your closest crew. It's the kind of shindig where you can ditch the stiff formalities and let your hair down – literally. From saying "I do" in your favourite attire to swapping champagne flutes for shots of Limoncello, micro weddings are all about doing things your way.

So, whether you're tying the knot in a rustic barn or saying your vows on a cliffside overlooking the Mediterranean, just remember: a micro wedding isn't about the size of the guest list or the grandeur of the venue – it's about celebrating love, laughter, and all the good stuff in between, with the people who matter most.

If you want to learn more, I've written an extensive blog post about the difference between a traditional wedding, a micro wedding, and an elopement.

Getting ready, first look, vow reading.

Alright, let's set the scene: Taylor, our Canadian sweetheart, and Oscar, the Dutch charmer, are getting ready for their big day in separate rooms, each with their own entourage of hype people. Taylor surrounded by her squad, hair in rollers, and Oscar with his groomsmen, cracking jokes and debating the best way to tie a bowtie – classic.

But when the time comes for the big reveal, it's like something out of a rom-com. Taylor, looking like a vision in white, descends the stairs with all the grace, while Oscar waits with bated breath on the patio, trying to play it cool but failing miserably. Cue the collective gasps and happy tears as they lock eyes for the first time – it's a moment straight out of a fairy tale.

First Kiss

After the heartfelt vow reading and ring exchange, it was time for the moment everyone had been waiting for – the first kiss as husband and wife. With the stunning backdrop of the Amalfi Coast painting the perfect picture behind them, Taylor and Oscar leaned in, their lips meeting in a sweet and tender kiss that seemed to stop time itself.

Ring Exchange

As they pulled away, cheers erupted from their small but mighty audience, the sound echoing off the cliffs and mingling with the gentle lapping of the waves below. It was official – Taylor and Oscar were now Mr. and Mrs., and the world seemed to sparkle just a little bit brighter in celebration of their love.

Against the breathtaking backdrop of the Amalfi Coast, Taylor and Oscar took a moment to soak it all in, hand in hand, hearts full to bursting with joy and gratitude. With the sun dipping below the horizon, casting a warm golden glow over the scene, they knew that this moment would be etched in their memories forever – a perfect beginning to their happily ever after.


Since she is so personable, she makes you feel so comfortable while she’s taking your photos. We couldn’t have had a better photographer and friend join us on our big day! We will forever be grateful to Shawna for capturing the best memories of our life so far.

As a wedding & elopement photographer, I am very happy to share my years of expertise with you and give you more tips and tricks to help you make your dream wedding come true.

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