How to feel comfortable posing for photos

Wedding photos are one of the most important parts of your big day. They are the memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life, and they will be looked at by generations to come. However, for many people, posing for wedding photos sounds like an uncomfortable experience. The good news is that I'm here to help you kick your fears and anxieties to the curb and have a fun, unique experience!

No need to panic!

First and foremost- choose the right photographer!
Choosing the right photographer is crucial for feeling comfortable during your photoshoot, regardless of whether it's for your wedding, elopement, engagement, honeymoon, portraits, boudoir session, etc. Look for a photographer who has experience shooting weddings, so your know that they know what they're doing, and who you feel comfortable communicating with. Look at their portfolio to get a sense of their style and see if it matches your vision, then send them a message and see if you guys vibe together. If you don't feel entirely comfortable around this person, it will show in your photos.

Communicate with your photographer during the shoot.
Communication is key when it comes to posing for your wedding photos. Your photographer should be able to guide you through the process and give you direction on how to pose. However, if you feel uncomfortable or unsure about a certain pose or angle, don't be afraid to speak up and communicate. They are here to help you and only want you to feel good.

Let your emotions run WILD
What makes for the best photos, honestly, is showing all those emotions you have for your partner in that moment and forgetting everything else around you. Feel free to laugh, cry, get in a tickle fight, pick each other up and spontaneously twirl around. Enjoy that moment with your significant other- and SHOW it! Remember the reasons why you're together and how excited your are to spend the rest of your lives as partners.

Relax and be yourself
One of the most important things to remember when posing for your wedding photos is to just chill. Your photographer will be able to capture the best moments when you are relaxed and comfortable. Don't worry about looking perfect or posing a certain way. Just be yourself and enjoy the moment, take a deep breath, and gaze into your partner's beautiful eyes.

Use props and accessories
Using props and accessories can also help you feel more comfortable, almost as a distraction. This could be anything from a bouquet of flowers to a guitar to a champagne bottle. Props and accessories can help you feel more natural and at ease in your poses, and they can also add a unique and personal touch to your photos.

Practice makes perfect
If you're REALLY nervous, you can practice some poses ahead of time. Whether you're with your partner in front of a mirror, or wanting to perhaps start with an engagement session before your wedding day, you can always find some poses you like on Pinterest and try to perfect them!

Posing for your wedding photos should be a fun and enjoyable experience, not stressful. If your ever have any doubts, just talk to your photographer and they will be able to put you at ease! Don't forget to smile ;)

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