How to Choose a Dress for an Adventurous Elopement

When planning an adventurous elopement, finding the perfect wedding dress can be a bit different from a traditional wedding. It's important to consider the location, weather, and your personal style. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect wedding dress for your adventurous elopement.

Your elopement dress choice is important if you're going on an adventure!

Last updated: March 12, 2024

Lastly, make sure to get your dress tailored to fit you perfectly. This is especially important for an adventurous elopement where you want to be comfortable and able to move freely.

Get it tailored

An adventurous elopement can be rough on a delicate dress. Look for a dress that is made of durable and easy-to-care-for materials that can withstand the wear and tear of outdoor activities. Bonus points for a material that doesn't wrinkle easily, like crepe, lace, or silk tulle!


Consider the weather of your elopement destination and choose a dress that is appropriate. For instance, if you're eloping in a snowy mountain, you may want to consider a long-sleeved dress made of warm materials like merino wool. You can also wear thermal leggings underneath, if need be. You can use black ones or find some that match your skin tone to hide them. If your dress is long enough, you probably won't notice them anyway.

Have a good shawl, cape, or jacket to wear overtop, just in case. And if you're eloping in the mountains, don't forget something waterproof. Whether it be a rain jacket, poncho, or an umbrella, have something to keep you as dry as possible. If you're getting married somewhere that can get really wet, definitely have some waterproof hiking boots ready!


Since an adventurous elopement usually involves hiking, climbing, or other outdoor activities, it's important to choose a dress that is comfortable and practical.

Look for lightweight and breathable materials that allow you to move freely. Some breathable materials (though often hard to find in dresses) are: linen, cotton, tencel, hemp, merino wool, and high-quality chiffon. Synthetic dresses are a recipe for sweat, since they are literally made from plastic.

And you do have a choice; wear your dress while hiking/doing your adventure, or put it in a bag until you're ready to say "I do"? You can purchase foldable bags to attach to your hiking bag that will keep the dress clean and wrinkle-free until you reach your destination. Or, you can wear your dress right away, just keep in mind it will probably get dirty. But that's totally ok! It's all part of the storytelling. If your dress isn't a bit dirty, did you even go on an adventure?

Bonus points if you try to buy your dress second hand or ethically! You can check this link here to find some guilt-free brands to buy from.

Comfortable and practical

When choosing accessories, consider the style of your dress and the location. You may want to choose simple and minimalistic jewelry that won't get in the way of your outdoor activities. But if you're someone who has a ring on every finger, that's definitely ok. Accessorize however makes you feel most comfortable and expresses who you are. Just don't forget your rings (if you have some)!

Accessorize accordingly

Your wedding dress should reflect your personal style and taste. Don't be afraid to choose a dress that is unique and expresses who you are as a person. It doesn't have to be white, and it doesn't have to have any sort of traditional shape. You choose whatever is best for you!

If you want to buy something that will look incredible in photos, I recommend buying something flowy. Dresses that have a lot of movement make for gorgeous photos, since you can really throw the material around and let it fly. They will also be easier for you to move in. But I still stand by my first comment; wear whatever you feel best in!

Personal style

With whatever dress you choose, just make sure you are making the decision based on what you want, just with a little practicality mixed in. A mermaid shape with stilettos on a grassy field on top of a mountain might not be the best fit. But, you know what, if it speaks to you, then just do it ;)

How to Choose a Dress for an Adventurous Elopement

  • Comfortable and practical
  • Weather-appropriate
  • Durable
  • Personal style
  • Consider the location
  • Accessorize accordingly
  • Get it tailored

As a wedding & elopement photographer, I am very happy to share my years of expertise with you and give you more tips and tricks to help you make your dream wedding come true.

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Remember, the perfect wedding dress for an adventurous elopement is one that reflects your style, is comfortable and practical, and fits the location and weather of your destination. Don't be afraid to choose something that is unique and special to you. And don't forget to bring some comfortable walking shoes!

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