Top 10 Activities to Do During Your Elopement or Wedding in 2024

Your wedding, however you're getting married, can be more than just the ceremony and reception. You have so many different choices on what you can do and WHEN you can do them. Want to do your ceremony and go for a bungee jump on the same day? You have the power to choose that. Here are some activity options that you can do on or around your special day.

There are so many different adventures you can go on before, during, or after your wedding.

Updated March 16, 2024

I'm a huge lover of rock climbing, even though I'm not an amazing climber, but this is why it's my number 1 recommendation! It might be a better thing to do AFTER the ceremony, just in case you get a nasty scrape, although that honestly just makes for a better story of the day. ;) Also, make sure you wear the perfect dress for adventure.

You've got a few options here. If you like to rough it, camping in a regular tent is a good option for you. But because it's your wedding day, maybe you want to step it up a notch and have a glamping experience. Or maybe a vanlife elopement or wedding? You could brainstorm a few different directions here, all of them really cool. And of course, a campfire is a must! S'mores, anyone?

There are so many other activities you can do, the options are endless. Just make sure you do something that you know you will love and want to get some epic photos while doing it! If none of the things I said speaks to you, here are some runner-ups to think about as well: Touring a city, visiting a rescue farm, via ferrata, wine tasting, mountain biking, hire a private chef for a picnic, and paddleboarding.

And who can help you book these activities and find out where to do them? If you hire a wedding or elopement planner, they can help! Reach out to them for further assistance. 

1. Rock climbing on your wedding day

This depends on where you are. If you're in Italy, go for the Vespa. France, the cool car. Germany, the 4x4 because there are some incredible places you can get to in Bavaria!

An easy thing to do for most people, going on a hike. It can be a gentle uphill through a green forest or a strenuous uphill to a mountain peak. Whichever you choose, you will have some amazing photos by the end of it. Perhaps in your dress even? And don't forget to count out hiking in winter if you're having a winter wedding; snowshoeing is a thing, and it's so much fun!

Find out about the best mountain ranges to elope on in Europe here.

2. Hiking on your wedding day:

A suggestion from my Canadian roots, who doesn't love to get out in a canoe? Imagine gliding through the pristine waters surrounded by Norwegian fjords, you would make everyone back home super jealous!

3. Canoeing on your wedding day:

4. Road trip with a vespa, cool car, or 4x4 on your wedding day:

There are a lot of places in Europe that you can go sailing. Sailing around the Greek islands would be my number one recommendation because there are so many places to go and islands to see! You can even just do a day trip from your island, if you prefer. 

5. Sailing on your wedding day:

If you're having a winter wedding, this can be an obvious choice. There are so many places to go skiing and boarding in Europe- the Dolomites, the Swiss Alps, the French Alps, and every country has many cute ski resorts.

6. Skiing/snowboarding on your wedding day: 

If you're not too much into hiking or winter weddings, but you still want those magical mountain peak views, a helicopter wedding (or day before/after wedding) might be good for you. You could even have a picnic up there with a private chef, depending on where you're going, and you can walk around with your photographer and get some epic pictures.

7. Helicopter to a mountain peak on your wedding day:

8. Camping/Glamping on your wedding day:

Are you a lover of a rough ocean with crazy waves? Then surfing might be the best option for you. Portugal is a great destination in Europe for your wedding or elopement if you want to get your surf on! For this activity, please leave the wedding dress out of it, there are better (ehem, safer) things you can do in your dress to get cool photos!

9. Surfing on your wedding day:

Again for those wanting a winter wedding, renting a Ski-do might be the thing for you! Ready to look cool AF in your wedding dress doing backflips off jumps with a perfect 10/10 landing? Or we can keep it chill and do some more stationary poses as well ;)

10. Snowmobiling on your wedding day:

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Top 10 Activities to Do During Your Elopement or Wedding in 2024

  1. Rock climbing
  2. Hiking
  3. Canoeing
  4. Road trip
  5. Sailing
  6. Skiing or Snowboarding
  7. Heli ride
  8. Camping or Glamping
  9. Surfing
  10. Snow mobiling

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