Multi-day elopements are perfect for those wanting to spend more time together on the most epic adventure of their lives. This is a such a special moment, and you have an opportunity to keep the celebrations going. Whether that means trashing your dress on a muddy hike or swimming in the ocean, or relaxing on the beach.

You should have a multi-day elopement to keep on celebrating YOU.

Last updated: March 16, 2024

Queenstown, New Zealand multi-day elopement

With a multi-day elopement, micro wedding, or any sort of destination wedding, you have more time to spend together and create lasting memories. You can choose to do activities and experiences that you've always wanted to try, or simply relax, read a book, and enjoy each other's company.

This extended quality time is especially valuable if you have busy schedules and don't often get to spend this much time together, whether it's just with each other or with some of your closest family and friends. The possibilities are endless; you could do a multi-day trek in the Italian Dolomites or Swiss Alps, spend a day doing your ceremony and reception and then the next day driving around Tuscany on a Vespa, or just spend a couple of days getting your beach on along the French Riviera.

1. Extended Quality Time: 

A multi-day elopement allows for an even more intimate, uninterrupted experience than a one-day elopement. You have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the experience and create a deeper connection with your partner. These moments were meant to be about celebrating the two of you, so it's not crazy to want to extend that time, because who wouldn't want to savour these rare, intimate moments you get together?

2. Intimate Experience:

With a multi-day elopement, you have the chance to visit and explore multiple locations. This can add excitement and adventure to your elopement and allow you to see more of the world together. Let me draw out a few examples here, and keep in mind, these can be adapted to weddings as well!

3. Multiple Locations:

A multi-day elopement also means more opportunities for beautiful photos. You can have your photographer document not just the ceremony, but also other experiences and adventures throughout the multi-day elopement. This means you'll have a diverse collection of photos to look back on and share with your loved ones. Imagine going back home and showing off not just your wedding photos, but the photos of the two of you (with or without wedding outfits) hiking from hut to hut, swimming on the beaches of Corsica, or northern lights hunting in Norway.

5. More Opportunities for Photos:

With a traditional wedding, you're often restricted to a set timeline and itinerary. With a multi-day elopement, you have the flexibility to customize your experience exactly as you want it. Whether you want to spend the days hiking, relaxing on the beach, or exploring a new city, the choice is yours.

4. Flexibility and Customization:

Here you can check out some example itineraries of what you could do, and get documented, for your multi-day wedding or elopement:

7. More outfits:

With a traditional wedding, there can often be a lot of stress and pressure to plan and execute the perfect day. With a multi-day elopement, you can focus on what truly matters - your love and your experience together. This can lead to a more relaxed and enjoyable experience overall.

6. Less Stressful Experience:

Why have one when you can have two or three? You can do one "regular" wedding outfit (the amount of formality is up to you), a casual outfit, and maybe a really nice outfit that isn't wedding related. Perhaps you could even rent one of those crazy "flying" dresses for the day! Imagine that with the view of the Dolomites in the background, or around the canals in Venice, it would be absolutely stunning. 

As you can see, you've got a lot of options, and I'm happy to help you decide what your day can look like.

Day 1, prepping for the ceremony:

You spend the day at your super cozy cabin in the Dolomites, getting together everything you need and deliveries from vendors (flowers, cake, food, drinks, etc). You write your vows in your vow booklets. I'm here too, in your fantasy world. I'm your temporary BFF/welcome third-wheel, and I'm capturing your whole adventure.

You share an intimate picnic dinner between the two of you, with an epic view of the jagged peaks and a bottle of wine. You are wearing your pre-wedding dress and you are stunning AF.

Sunset photos!

Day 2, the ceremony

You're up before the sun, preparing for your day. Your hair and makeup artist is busy getting you ready, your bouquet is ready, your dress is looking fabulous on you.

We drive to Lago di Braies and arrive before the sun hits the peak. We go out on the boathouse, and you say your vows as the sun warms up the mountains. After some emotional words, you get in a rowboat and enjoy the pristine, blue water surrounding you.

Once we're back, and have replenished with some breakfast, it's time for a little road trip. We drive around to a few beautiful spots, and settle on one for sunset. We capture the sun before it's hidden behind the mountains, and that's a wrap!

Find a free guide on how to elope in the Dolomites on this link.

Multi-day elopement in the Dolomites

Day 1, prepping for the ceremony:

You spend the day at your beautiful AirBnb with a patio view of the Eiffel Tower. You're making all the preparations for your day and communicating with your vendors. I've arrived and am ready to start taking some photos, starting with that balcony view and a glass of wine.

Typically, Parisian, you prepare a picnic that you will eat in one of their beautiful gardens. A baguette, (vegan?) cheese, more wine, what else could you need?

Sunset photos! We go to my favourite sunset spots, and I take you on a journey that ends at blue hour + the Louvre. 

Day 2, the ceremony

You're up before the sun, preparing for your day. Your hair and makeup artist is busy getting you ready, your bouquet is ready, your dress is looking fabulous on you.

We head to the Eiffel Tower before the sun has hit the horizon. We are in position, ready for you to say your vows to one another, just as the first rays of light bring warmth to your skin.

We head to a café for breakfast, ready to have a (vegan?) croissant and a coffee. I keep taking photos because the café is super cute, and you guys are even cuter. We continue walking around Paris, there are so many photo ops to enjoy, and we take needed breaks here and there.

Time for another sunset! You've got a new look, and we head to another sunset spot. the two of you look like you're ready to own this city, fabulous doesn't even cover it.

Night hits, and the Eiffel Tower is bright. I take out my flash and some sparklers, and we get some final shots before I leave you to enjoy the night as a married couple.

Multi-day elopement in Paris

You just couldn't choose between beaches or mountains, so you chose both.

Day 1- preparations + vow reading:

You wanted to say your vows on a beach, so we start on whichever island you choose (Santorini is a great choice, but check out my list of other beach destinations here). You write your vows, and I'm there taking getting ready photos

You say your vows just before sunset on a beautiful beach, with the sun as your witness. We take some gorgeous photos and the two of you are so warm with love.

Day 2- sunrise photos

You're up before the sun, preparing for your day. Your hair and makeup artist is busy getting you ready, your bouquet is ready, your dress is looking fabulous on you.

We head the best places to see those white churches with blue tops. We need to get there for sunrise, otherwise there are too many people. We take some epic photos of the two of you.

We spend the rest of the day going around the island, and end up at my favourite sunset spot for one last set of photos on the island.

Day 3- head to Switzerland

Day 4- We've made it to Zermatt and are embarking on a journey to see the famous Matterhorn. We're either hiking, or taking a lift, that's up to you. 

Tonight we stay in a mountain hut and have some fun taking photos together of the galaxy. Don't forget your headlamps!

The next morning, we're up for sunrise, and capture your eternal love as the first light hits the peak of the Matterhorn.

Multi-day elopement in Greece AND Switzerland

Scenario 1

Scenario 2

Scenario 3

Day 1 - Prepping for the ceremony:

It's your typical wedding day, and we're at your favourite villa on the shores of Lake Como! Everyone is busy getting things ready, your mom is trying to hold herself together, and your sisters are asking you a million questions that they could figure out on their own, but just really want to talk to you.

I'm ready to rock, along with everyone else, and I'm capturing photos of you getting ready in one room, and your life partner in the other.

We do a first look in the gardens, and it's just magical. Your partner's eyes water, your eyes water, love is in the air and you're both so excited.

Time for the ceremony. Your partner is waiting for you at the altar, and you walk down the aisle. You don't want to say your vows in front of everyone, so you save those for later and say your "I do's".

Reception time, we all feast in some glorious food. You cut the cake, have a first dance, and party the night away.

Day 2 - Photos and vows

Before the sun rises, we go out and walk around together while we can still use this gorgeous villa. We take sunrise photos on the property, the both of you swimming in love.

We've hired a boat for the day, so we go to a few locations around Como for some more photo stops, lunch, and a romantic dinner for the two of you.

Once it gets closer to sunset, the driver takes us out to the best spot on the lake. You say your vows, more or less privately, and I capture all of your emotions. We get our last photos as the sun dips behind the mountains, and we head back to shore.

Multi-day wedding in Lake Como

A multi-day elopement can be the experience of a lifetime! You can do it however you want, use whatever outfits, props, whatever activities... and it will all be well-documented. Most people don't get to have the opportunity to have professional photos while they travel- but this is your chance to do that.

Having those photos made into a beautiful album to look through as the years go by will bring you a lot more value than those selfies you took on your iPhone where you can see the tip of your finger. You know, the ones that sit on your laptop that you haven't looked at in years, probably forgot they were even there? Trust me on this. It's a priceless experience ;)

Scenario 4

7 Reasons to Have a Multi-Day Elopement or Wedding

  1. Extended Quality Time
  2. Intimate Experience
  3. Multiple Locations
  4. Flexibility & Customization
  5. More Photo Opportunities
  6. Less Stressful Experience
  7. More outfits

As a wedding & elopement photographer, I am very happy to share my years of expertise with you and give you more tips and tricks to help you make your dream wedding come true.

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